Goods Lift Chesterfield

Goods Lift Chesterfield Interlocking Gates

 Goods Lift Chesterfield

Goods Lift triple scissor table design installed Chesterfield with 500kg partially distributed load pit installed with a finished floor level height 5500mm. Platform length 3100mm x 1800mm wide with a closed height 1100mm safety perimeter not included fitted with durbar chequer plate finish.

Platform fitted with 1100mm high fully sheeted hand-railing to 2 x long sides and 1 x short side, finished in black RAL 9005 to match lift, in addition 1100mm high fully sheeted interlocked gates to one short side, finished in black RAL 9005.

Interlocked on board gates need to closed and drop down bolts engaged to enable lift to operate upper lever and lower level doors need to be closed to enable lift to operate. By pressing the ‘E’ stop all lift movement ceases.

Control panel platform rise and lower complete with ‘E’ Stop at both the upper and lower level. Raising speed 46 sec and lowering time 0.15mm sec. Power pack 5.5 Hp positioned out board of lift within steel enclosure, safety signage supplied and manufactured strictly in line with BS EN1570.

Enclosure supplied approx. Width 2056mm x Length 3356 mm x Height 8000mm made from 100mm x 100mm square hollow fully sheeted in using 1.5mm thick infill panels incorporating 6mm holes on a 9mm pitch.

Door openings both upper and lower level door opening positioned on same face of enclosure with clear openings 1800mm wide x 2500mm high. Mounting plates included at both upper level and lower level for incorporating lift push button station and client isolator for each roller shutter door.

Roller Shutter Door supplied and fitted manufactured using traditional 75mm deep scrolled interlocking lath.  The lath is end locked to prevent lateral movement and the curtain is supplied complete with a bottom ‘T’ bar finish Powder Coated White RAL 9003. Curtain hood included also with emergency hand chain. Roller shutter fully interlocked with lifting platform.

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