Vertical Platform Lifts Norfolk – Cambridge

Vertical Platform Lifts Norfolk - Cambridge Vertical Platform Lifts Norfolk – Cambridge

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DDA open vertical platform lift installed Alive Lynnsport and Leisure Park in Kings Lynn Norfolk with a 350kg lift capacity. Platform size increased 900mm wide x 1400mm long which will include for a wheelchair plus carer, finished floor level 520mm. Low rise Hydraulic scissor lift platform is positioned in a pit formed by others size 1110 mm wide x 1485 mm long x 70mm deep, power supply 230v 1 phase 50Hz and a lift speed max 0.15 metres/second.

Low rise platform lifts are ideal – suitable for those requiring access up and down short vertical distances up to 1000mm.  These hydraulically driven, scissor based platform are suitable for both internal and external environments.

Manual Handling Solutions offer a full range of Wheel chair and DDA lifts for domestic and public access internal and external applications. Our cost-effective platform lifts enable efficient vertical access for disabled and wheelchair users, or those with limited mobility.

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